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Launch traffic safety, give helmets to students in government schools


Traffic accidents are the common problem,  which concerns  the whole society. Only in the first two months of 2018, there were 3,345 accidents, of which 1,506 were fatal and 2,517 people were injured. Youth are involved in 40% of the traffic accidents throughout the country and the number of deaths from traffic accidents is nearly 80%. Therefore, there is an urgent need  to raise awareness and introduce traffic safety education in schools.

Over the past years, the Charitable Foundation ‘Journey Loving Crops’ has co-operated with the Central Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union in charity activities for the development of provincial youth. The fund has participated in the contest: “Traffic Culture and Community Responsibility”, giving helmets to pupils of Yen Mo high school, Yen Khanh B high school, Nho Quan high school and Vu Duy Thanh high school.

Through the program, the Foundation hopes to raise road safety awareness and importance of helmets for students on their way to school every day.The Foundation’s goal is to  become the ones responsible for building the country in the future.

In the near future, the Fund will expand giving helmets in all schools in the province. The fund is looking forward to the support and contribution of the donors inside and outside the province.

People can contact The Charitable Foundation ‘Journey Loving Crops’ at No 58 Tran Phu Street, Van Giang Ward, Ninh Binh city via 02293756688 for more details.

Money can also be donated to the account of the Fund 128000032266 at Commercial Joint Stock Bank for Industry and Trade of Vietnam – Ninh Binh branch.


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